Service Dog Program

We have trained hundreds of service dogs over the years for nearly any disability.  Our service dog program takes all the red tape out of dealing with most service dog companies.  Using our experience, we have streamlined the service dog program.  Some of the benefits of our program include:

*Within two weeks finding a dog for the customer

*Once a dog is selected training begins immediately

*Most service dog training will be completed within 6-18 months depending on the disabilities of the customer

*Working with the owner during the training process, which ensures a strong bond and understanding of the training program


There is no waiting list when you choose Always Faithful for your service dog needs.  We pride ourselves on getting things done quickly and effectively for our clients.  From start to finish our process takes months, not years, unlike any other service dog training in the country.  We are also much cheaper than any other company due to our experience in the field of service dogs and our connections with many excellent breeders in the country.  

Service Dog Training Process

Here is what a customer can expect during our service dog training process.

1.       Customer calls us and gives us a detailed description of their service dog needs

2.       Based off their needs we recommend a breed that would be most beneficial

3.       Once a breed is selected we immediately contact our trusted breeders to get a dog

4.       We select the dog based off temperament testing

5.       We pick up the dog and immediately begin training at our facility

6.       Owner is welcome to visit their service dog in training during this time

7.       After around 30 days of training at our facility the owner takes custody of the dog

8.       Once the customer takes custody we immediately begin in-home training at the customers residence

9.       Depending on the needs of the customer the in-home lessons can take 6 months to 18 months on average

10.   We do not stop training until the dog is certified

11.   After certification is completed we provide support if necessary for the life of the dog


Service Dog Pricing

Service Dog training with your dog costs $5000.00.  Your dog must pass our behavior evaluation before he/she can be considered for Service Dog work. 

Service Dog training (we select and purchase your dog) costs $7500.00.  This package allows us to pick what is best for the client.  We cannot guarantee a specific breed but will do our best to fulfill all breed specific requests.

We provide the Service Dog Certificate once training is complete. 


For more information please call us at 630-788-1507 or email us at